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Sanitize Long Island knows that nothing can drive away clients and demoralize employees like dirty, grimy floors. Not only that, they can become a liability if someone slips or trips and falls. That is why our franchise owners offer professional floor care and carpet cleaning in New York. No matter what kind of business you run, big or small, Sanitize Long Island can handle the job. Not only do they clean floors, they also offer disinfection services and Sanitizing services to help keep your floors looking clean and fresh. They provide your business with a deep, long-lasting clean that will make a great first impression on your clients.

Disinfection Experts

Cleaning and Disinfection Services

Sanitize Long Island’s cleaning and disinfection services are designed to clean and disinfect your floors, carpets, and upholstery. Our franchise owners use only the best equipment and products available to get your business sparkling clean. We will work with you to create a customized cleaning plan that fits your budget and needs.

In addition to our cleaning and disinfection services, we also offer sanitizing services. Our sanitizing services are designed to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses that can cause illness. Our franchise owners use only the best products available to get your business clean and fresh.

Disinfection Experts

Protects the Health of your Customers and Employees

A clean and fresh business is a healthy business. Our franchise owners are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service to keep your business looking its best. They use only the best products available to get your floors sparkling clean and free of dirt, grime, and bacteria. Their services will help protect the health of your customers and employees.

We understand that as a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Let us take some of the burden off by keeping your business clean and healthy. Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can help you achieve your cleaning goals!

Get Rid of the Grime and Bacteria

Your business is a reflection of you. First impressions matter, and one of the first things that customers notice is the state of your floors. If they’re dirty, it’s a sign that you don’t pay attention to details – and that’s not the message you want to send.

A clean and well-maintained floor reflects the professionalism of your brand and sends a message that you care about your customers, employees, and visitors. It’s also essential for protecting people from slips, trips, and falls.

Cleaning Professionals

Why Choose Our Services?

When it comes to keeping your home or business clean, you can’t be too careful. That’s why our team at Sanitize Long Island offers a wide range of cleaning and disinfection services designed to keep your space looking its best – and free of harmful bacteria and viruses.


Our team of experienced cleaning professionals is trained to the highest standards and takes pride in providing a top-quality service.


We’re a reliable and dependable company, and we always put our customers first. We’ll work around your schedule to ensure that your cleaning needs are met.


We offer competitive rates for all of our services, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best value for your money.

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So if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to all your cleaning needs, look no further than Sanitize Long Island. We provide top-notch disinfection services, pressure washing services, and tile and grout cleaning services that will leave your home or office looking sparkling clean.