Escalating Your Response To Covid-19


In the face of uncertainty and an unseen threat, it’s imperative to limit operational downtime and protect people. Doing so requires evaluating and planning beyond your immediate needs. While the crisis will subside, its presence will be felt for long after. Right now, you are most likely taking two types of action: cautionary or required. Whichever avenue you choose, you can ensure that your team is never caught off guard and can overcome future outbreaks.

Right Now, Your Primary Goal Is Getting Back To Work Safely.

Cautionary Action


No Confirmed Cases Or Exposure Is Expected

Whether you’re designated essential service or the work simply cannot stop you’re actively taking the steps needed to protect your building – and the people who occupy it at any given moment – with procedure that provide peace of mind.

Understand The Difference Between Deep-cleaning, Sanitization, And Disinfection.

Cleaning removes dirt and impurities only.
Sanitizing reduces germs to safe levels.
Disinfection kills most germs on surfaces.

For businesses with multiple offices and/ or locations, it is recommended to limit movement between locations to reduce risk of possible infection.

Not all cleaning companies are equal. Ensure your vendor has a current certificate of insurance (COI) along with a chemical list with EPA numbers and CDC recommendations.

Identify areas where infection may have spread and prioritize zones of greater need.

If opting for a full disinfection, allow necessary time before returning to the building. Odors need time to dissipate, and other surfaces must dry and set.

Areas to be disinfected should include office, mail and copy, and recreation areas, including other hand-operated and touch equipment.

In the event personnel must be present during disinfection procedures, determine whether they wil need temporary facilities to continue working.

A separate sanitization plan may be necessary for IT fleets and other electronic devices.

We specialize in disaster preparedness. We can provide you with both the expertise and the solutions necessary to mitigate risk and create contingency plans that ensure minimal business disruption.

  • Wipe down of horizontal surfaces.
  • Disinfection of vertical surfaces.
  • Electrostatic disinfectant spray.
  • Micro-mist disinfection.
  • Dry Fog Disinfection.
  • CDC-approved cleaning agents.
  • 1-on-1 consultation.
  • Negative pressure rooms for isolation.
  • Temporary portable assets.
  • Logistical support.

Required Action


Confirmed Covid-19 Cases And Contamination

Regular operations are disrupted. Your people and your facilities are at risk. It’s more important than ever to maintain confidence, keep operations upright, and get back to business as usual.

Take all CAUTIONARY ACTION in addition to the following considerations.

Expert disinfection service providers will wear appropriate PPE and abide by strict waste disposal guidelines.

If facilities must be closed for disinfection, ensure that other critical services can remain unaffected (e.g., food, housing, restrooms).

Certain shared areas, such as bathrooms, may require multiple disinfections daily.

Essential personnel: It’s important to provide separate work areas for those without symptoms, but it’s equally important to protect those with confirmed diagnoses by providing work and rest areas of their own.

Develop a custom plan to protect people and property, preparing for potential COVID-19 seasonality (i.e., the flu) and repeat outbreaks.

For businesses with multiple offices and/ or locations, it is recommended to restrict all movement between locations to reduce risk of possible infection.

We have effectively abated the likes of H1N1 (Swine Flu), Avian Influenza, and SARS. We know these threats have a ripple effect on operations and require multi-faceted solutions that go beyond disinfection. We provide turnkey services that can remove the burden of virus mitigation from your business operations.

  • Portable restrooms.
  • Emergency/supplementary food service & Catering.
  • Mobile workspaces.
  • Cautionary disinfection services.
  • 1-on-1 consultation.
  • Negative pressure rooms for isolation.

Re-Entry Process


Returning to the office after cautionary and responsive action

Before setting a return date, assign a cross-functional team to develop a re-entry plan that keeps your employees and building safe. This team should consist of HR, legal, risk management, operations, and safety personnel.


Prepare Your Physical Workplace

Clean & Disinfect

Hire a professional team, like Disinfect Long Island NY Global Disaster Solutions, to properly clean and disinfect your facility.

Reconfigure the Space

Social distancing protocols should still be enforced to protect the well-being of your employees. Before everyone returns to the office, ensure that each workspace complies with social distancing protocols.


  • Creating space between workstations.
  • Adding non-porous barriers.
  • Temporarily closing break rooms and common areas.


Define the Re-entry Process

Phased Return Approach

Phase in your workforce by 20% each time.

Staggered Shift Approach

Reduce the number of employees that are in the office at once, splitting between the first and last half of the day.

Employee Testing & Monitoring

Companies around the world have installed testing stations onsite to test employees for COVID-19 symptoms. If you’re considering this possibility, make sure you follow your local government and the CDC’s guidelines for testing and re-opening to avoid ADA issues.


Enforce Proper Safety Protocols

Place signs around the office reminding everyone to practice social distancing.

Provide employees with PPE (face masks, gloves, protective eyewear) if needed.

Make hand sanitizers and cleaning wipes easily accessible.

Encourage employees to frequently sanitize their desks, keyboards, and other high-touch areas.

Remain Vigilant

There is no guarantee that COVID-19 or another pandemic won’t affect our businesses again, but if we remain vigilant and prepare for the unknown, we’ll get through it, together.

Ready to Deploy Now


Getting back to business before, during, or after a viral pandemic is a serious undertaking. Doing so quickly and safely takes a comprehensive partner who has been there many times before. Whether you are taking the first steps or navigating a coronavirus outbreak right now, our team can activate at a moment’s notice.

Disclaimer: No known product or Sanitize Long Island directly kills covid 19.