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Helping to Stop the Spread of Germs

With the global pandemic. Businesses across the country are reexamining their cleaning, sanitizing services and disinfection services and practices. Are you doing everything in your power to keep your customers and employees safe and healthy? Sanitize Long Island can help ease the burden. They provide high-quality disinfection services sanitizing services for offices, retail establishments, and many other commercial spaces.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

What’s The Difference Between Cleaning & Disinfecting?

Sanitizing services and disinfection services are often used interchangeably and, while similar, they mean two different and distinct things. When most business owners look for sanitizing services, they want results that both sanitize and disinfect. Cleaning refers to the physical act of removing germs from a surface, usually with soap and water. This can help stop the spread of illness by reducing the number of germs in an area, but cleaning does not always kill germs; it may simply transfer them to a different surface (sponge, cloth, etc.)

Disinfection Services, on the other hand, refers to killing germs on a surface using chemicals. This certainly helps reduce illness spread by viruses and bacteria, but it does not necessarily remove the germs from the surface or clean visible dirt or debris.

Sanitizing Services is what happens when germs on a surface are reduced to safe levels, either by cleaning, disinfecting, or both. Our 30 proprietary process can produce sanitized surfaces in your business or commercial space with disinfection services in New York.

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Want To Learn More About Their Disinfection Services?


When you want professional results, choose disinfection services and sanitizing services from us. We follow several best practices to minimize the potential for your office or commercial space to spread germs or illness.

Some Of The Steps We Follow To Ensure The Highest Levels Of Disinfection Services And Sanitizing Services Include:

Appropriate cloths – By using a specific product for kitchen or food surfaces, another for bathrooms, and another for everything else, they prevent any accidental cross-contamination.
One-direction wiping – When cleaning, they do not wipe back and forth since that can move germs from one place to another on the same surface.
Proper use of chemicals – To be most effective, chemical disinfectants must be used correctly. This generally means knowing how long the disinfectant must remain on a surface before drying to ensure maximum disinfection.
Remembering the hotspots – Offices and other commercial spaces feature high-touch spots like phones, keyboards, light switches, and copy machines that are often overlooked. Our franchise owners will not forget them.
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What Can You Do To Minimize The Spread Of Illness?

Be sure that you and your employees are washing your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer only if soap and water are not unavailable.

When illness is spreading, get in touch with Sanitize Long Island to increase the frequency of your office cleaning or to request a customized estimate on cleaning, disinfection services, and sanitizing services your office or commercial space. They can help you minimize the spread of germs.