Commercial Cleaning Services


We offer commercial cleaning services in schools, churches, medical facilities, office buildings, and more. We customize our disinfection services and Sanitizing Services to meet your specific needs. Ask us about daily, weekly and bi-weekly weekly service. Contracts welcome. Call for a free quote.

Here at Sanitize Long Island we are trained and certified. OSHA Trained and Certified, GBAC Certified NYS Green And Clean Certified for NYS Schools ISSA Certified, IEHA Certified.

The first step in your decision to have disinfection services done is to be tested. At Sanitize Long Island we are trained in ATP testing. We can provide the client with an initial ATP test and assessment of your current conditions. We are using state of the art equipment.

Our disinfection services work because we are using professional electrostatic equipment and professional disinfectant products. It’s Not all the same. You cannot compare;

  • As with all services, all clients should be Vetting Service Providers.
  • Ask about Liability insurance.
  • Ask about Workman’s Compensation insurance.
  • Ask about certification and training.
  • Ask about the application process being used. Electrostatic?
  • Cheap Fogging? Cheap Paint sprayers?

Our products being used are EPA and CDC registered Want Green Products? We are certified with NYS in that process as well We can use a two step sanitation process creating a residual effect up to 30 days.

If you’d like to sign up for monthly monitoring we can provide that service as well. Our ATP testing can get uploaded into software,creating accounts for each individual.

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Disinfection Services

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